Running 911 air cooled engine

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New products.

Many years ago, we started with refurbishment of warm-up regulators and Bosch HKZ units; this has proved to be very successful.

Many of these customers also required refurbishment of fuel distributors and (since bio-ethanol is used in gasoline) fuel pumps. In short, all fuel K-Jetronik distributors and early Bosch fuel pumps are added to our portfolio and can be found in our shop. If you have any questions, please let us know.

VAT Free

For foreign companies within the EU, it is possible to buy VAT free; all you need is to fill in a valid Eurozone VAT code during the ordering process. The validity of this code will be checked before shipment. Customers outside the EU do not pay VAT.

Exception(s) in opening hours (see contact):

The 21st of October we close at 12:30.

Till further notice, we do prefer to have email contact instead of visitors in our facility. We do hope the corona virus will pass quickly and business will be as usual soon.